Monday, November 9, 2015


Please find relevant information and links below for AFAC Second Semester.

AFAC Semester Two

Grade 1-4 Semester 2
January 5th - June 3rd, 2016

Kindergarten Semester 2
January 20th - June 1st, 2016

New Activities and Changes

Kindergarten AFAC Taster Sessions
Rugby - Grades 1-4 - Coach Van Gaalen
Girls Volleyball - Grades 2-4 - Coach Cha Cruz
Entry to Raquets - Grade 1 - Coach Gari Carreon
Girls Soccer and Mixed Badminton now on Tuesday and Thursday
Fun with Paper now becomes Green Scene

Please take time with your child to look at the new time tables and information provided in the links above.

Online Sign-Up Dates

Please ensure you have read the Registration and AFAC Guidelines before Friday.

Registration opens Friday, November 13th at 4pm.

Online Sign-Up Link HERE (including Kindergarten)

Registration is of FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS (time-stamped) and will close on Tuesday 17th at 12pm.

We will send a confirmation letter to you through your child's Homeroom Teacher. This form will have the child's schedule of confirmed activities.

Thank you,

Holly Chapman
ES After School Activities Coordinator

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dates to Remember

Please click this link for dates to remember (day/s without AFAC, season start and end / AFAC resume) : ES AFAC Dates to Remember

Friday, August 28, 2015

AFAC has started!

Venue updates
-Recreational Soccer needed to move to the Covered Court due to limited ES field space while RIFA soccer is running. This will be a better venue to develop their skills. 
-We will move Yoga at the Aikido Area, 2nd level starting September 1st.
-We will move Chinese Beginners to Room 2004, 2nd level at the Grade 4 hallway starting September 3rd.

Important reminders
-Once a student has signed up, confirmed and is attending an activity, THEY MUST ATTEND EVERY SESSION. If the student is not able to attend a particular session due to another commitment, the AFAC office must be notified. You may call us at 840-8485 or email us at
-If you wish to cancel a confirmed activity, please email us right away to give a spot to a student who's on the waitlist and/or to avoid charges on the student account for activities with fees.​
-If your child has other activities like ATAC, or tutorials outside school, etc., and you need to request arrangement of days the students will be absent from the confirmed activities, please email AFAC office.​
-In case your child has dismissal changes (carpool, will ride the bus instead of being picked up), please email the ES office so we can notify the coach.
-Grade 1 will always be picked up by the assigned coaches at the pillars outside the Grade 1 classrooms.
-Grade 2-4 students  can make their own way to activities starting next week

Once regular classes are over
-Students may only proceed to the following areas: School Bus or Ride waiting areas, Elementary Canteen, After School Activity Site or library.
-Students going to the library (CMC) must get a PASS from the duty person (campus supervisor) in the ES Canteen beforehand.
-If a student misses the bus or their ride has not arrived by 2:30pm, they will be sent to the ES canteen to be collected. They may proceed to the ES Office if they need to make a call. 
-It is important for the safety of all students that are not in an activity, that they proceed home directly. Students are reminded to that the ES Playground is off limits as soon as the first set of buses leaves. All students should not be wandering around campus without purpose or place to go unsupervised or hanging around the arrival/departure waiting areas.

All students MUST take their scheduled bus. No activity extension will be allowed.  

Bad weather/Cancellation of classes
If a decision is made to close the school after students have arrived, and before school ends, students will stay until 2:00 pm.  After School activities will then be cancelled, and students will generally be expected to proceed home at the first available opportunity.

Dismissal Procedure
-At the conclusion of the activity at 3:10 pm, students in Grade 2 – 4 are dismissed.  Students in Grade 1 who have an adult picking them up from the activity are handed over to the parent / carer. They will also be brought at the canteen
-Remaining Grade 1 students are walked to the bus area and handed over to bus monitors, or, those being picked up in the ES pick-up waiting area, are handed over to the campus supervisors there, while they await their ride.
-Any remaining Grade 1 students who are unaccounted for, are then taken to the ES Office, to enable us to contact their parents / carers.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Welcome to the After-school Activities for
School Year 2015 - 2016

The AFAC Mission is to develop confident and committed Grade 1-4 students that are enthusiastic about learning.  We provide opportunities for students to engage in safe and fun recreational activities that extend their educational experience in ISM.

Our program begins August 24th and ends December 10th, 2015 during the 1st Semester and continues January 5th and ends June 3rd, 2016 during the 2nd Semester.

The registration form is filled in online (at the right side of this blog). Please read the AFAC/Registration Guidelines for relevant information about registration and AFAC.

Friday August 14th (4pm) to Tuesday 18th (12pm) for 1st Semester
November 9th to 13th  for 2nd Semester

For the list of activities to be offered, click on the information at the top of the page, or you may download this information sheet HEREYou may also view / download the booklet here: ES Booklet 2015-16. 

Sign ups will be done online at this blog. Please make sure you read the relevant information. Registration is of FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS (time-stamped).

We will send a confirmation letter to you through your child’s Homeroom Teacher. This form will have the child’s schedule of confirmed activities.

Due to the busy start for Kindergarten students, AFAC will be offered 2nd semester only of this school year. Information will be sent out January 2016. 

Thank you,

Holly Chapman
ES After School Activities Coordinator