Grade 1-4 AFAC Description of Activities


Tuesdays & Thursdays, Room 2126, Fee: Php 1500

Turn paper (papyress) scraps of boards, woods, beads, yarns, wires, fabric into your own imaginative models.  Learn to make buildings, bricks, bags, picture frames, and a lot more craft ideas out of simple
things including those recycled materials from the house.

Bend them, contour, twist, loop, zigzag and frenzy.  Create and learn the right way to twist and mold wires into names, flowers, accessories like pins & clips, and even wire creatures of people and animals.

Modeling Clay, Earth Clay, Plaster of Paris
Create sculptures, figures, clay pots and vases.  Mold your hand prints and make them last forever.  Use these materials into creating your own figures while having fun. Limited to 20 students.

Mondays & Fridays, Room 1189, Fee: Php 1500

This activity will engage students in making new things out of recycled materials. It offers easy to do and fun projects! It also aims to show the value of saving mother earth. Limited to 20 students.

Mondays & Fridays, Room 2126, Fee: Php 1500

Turn your imagination to reality! Create your own cartoon characters. Take them from your imagination to entertain your friends and family with your stories and have fun. Start with our basic drawing and coloring, constructing and later on, do your own 3D cartoon characters.

Create unique lettering for anything..from greeting cards to comics, invitations, or personalized text for special occasions.

Let's learn together and have fun! Limited to 20 students.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Room 2126, Fee: Php 1500

Be creative and make your own gifts. Discover different ways you can do with buttons, boxes, cut-out pictures, beads, jars, empty cd cases, yarns, threads, stickers, and a whole lot more. You will learn how to sew, make a bracelet, a necklace, design an apron, a bag, a calendar, learn how to recycle old boxes and jars...we have lots of fun and functional projects in store for you. So come join us and let your creativity come alive. Limited to 20 students from Grades 2 to 4.

Mondays & Fridays, Room 1189, Fee: Php 1500

Students explore wet and dry painting media and techniques like crayons, chalk, pastel, colored pencil, watercolor, tempera and acrylic.  Lessons on drawing & composition also tackled so students can express their ideas visually.  Limited to 20 students.

1. Techniques with cray pass, watercolor, colored pencil, tempera, acrylic & mixed media.
2. Creating effect
3. Painting/drawing still-life, animals, landscapes, portraits, etc.

4. Painting from imagination & fantasy


Mon & Fri / Tue & Thu, Room 1167, Instrument Rental: $75 per semester

Open to all Grade 1 to Grade 4 students with no musical knowledge on any string instrument- violin, viola, cello, bass. The new violin student will study the basic knowledge on learning how to play the violin.

The basic goals and requirements needed in this class:
1. Student will need 1 violin instrument either through a “rent a school owned instrument” or student may buy his/her own personal violin instrument.
2. Student will learn proper playing posture.
3. Student will study how to read simple notes and play the music notes correctly.
4. Student will learn beginning music pieces (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pieces) during the course of study.
5. Student will perform the studied music pieces by memory at the scheduled AFAC Concert (student may be involved in occasional extra rehearsals prior to performances.
6. After a year of study, the student will move on to the Strings Intermediate class.

Tue & Thu, Room 1164, Instrument Rental: $75 per semester

This afternoon strings class is open to all Grade 2 to Grade 4 students who had at least 1 year of violin study at ES After School Strings Beginner class or had at least 1 year of private violin study with a private tutor.

Following goals and requirements needed to achieve in this class are:
1. Student will need 1 violin instrument either through a “rent-a-school-owned-instrument” or student may buy his/her own personal violin instrument.
2. Student will practice the proper playing posture.
3. Student will continue to read notes and play the music notes correctly.
4. Student will learn intermediate music pieces (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pieces) during the course of study.
5. Student will perform the studied music pieces by memory at the scheduled AFAC Concert and Final Concert (student may be involved in occasional extra rehearsals prior to performances)
6. After a year of study, the student will move to Strings Advanced class.

Mon & Fri, Room 1168, Instrument Rental: $75 per semester

This afternoon strings class is open to all Grade 2 to Grade 4 students who have at least 2 years or more of violin study at ES After School Strings Intermediate class or had at least 2 years or more of private violin study with a private tutor.

Following goals and requirements needed to achieve in this class:  (basically a review and continuation of music skills learned from Strings Beginner and Intermediate Levels)

1. Students will learn how to play vibrato (to those who don’t know) or a review (to those who already know).
2. Students will learn left hand shifting to higher positions from 1st position to 3rd position, then to 2nd position.
3. Students will learn spiccato and other bowing techniques.
4. Students will study challenging pieces in preparation for the AFAC Concert (students may be involved in occasional extra rehearsals prior to performances).
5. Students will form an ES Strings Orchestra Class which consists of 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola and cello. Aside from violin playing, students will study viola or cello as their alternate instrument. Versatility is encouraged. Student’s “hand frame” will be checked   to identify what instrument is naturally suited to the would be instrumentalists.
6. The Strings Advanced student can still continue the following next school year at ES Afternoon Advance Strings Class till he/she finishes ES requirements.

ES CHOIR (Gr 1-2)
Tuesdays & Thursdays, Room 1147

During this activity, students will learn the method of singing. This includes proper posture, breathing, voice placement, clear diction and tone quality. They will read simple melodies and focus on music that explores unison singing, two-part harmonies and canons. Members of the choir will learn the discipline of being a choir singer and will individually contribute to the bigger picture and sound. Most importantly, students will experience the joy of creating music with others, and have fun performing!

ISM SING (Gr 3-4)
Tuesdays & Thursdays, Room 1168

ISM Sing will offer students an opportunity to further develop their choral and vocal skills in a fun and supportive environment. Focus will be placed on how to develop a proper singing voice, vocal technique, in-tune singing and harmony. Students will sing a variety of choral music and learn how to work together as a group and blend as an ensemble. The Grade 3-4 choir will focus on development of part singing and build a strong foundation of music literacy and harmony.

Mondays / Fridays, Room 1147 / Grade 3-4 only

Guitar ensemble is open to students in Grades 3 and 4 and will offer an introduction to the guitar, including basic chords, scales, technique and playing with an ensemble. In addition to focusing on guitar skills and concepts, musical theory and harmony will also be explored in relation to songs and concepts that are being learned. This ensemble will also offer opportunities for students to play together, as well as time for individual performance and practice. Limited to 15 students per class.


Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:15-3:10, Dance Studio, Fee: Php 2000
This class is designed to teach basic dance skills, technique, and vocabulary of jazz dance. Various jazz dance styles will be introduced such as: modern jazz, pop jazz, jazz funk, lyrical jazz, and Broadway Jazz.  Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. For Grade 3-4 only.

Fee: Php 2000
Ballet is a form of theatrical dancing that began to evolve in Western Europe.  Ballet technique consists of stylized movements and positions that have been elaborated and codified over the centuries into a well-defined system called academic ballet.  Because the steps in ballet were first named and codified in France, French is the international language of ballet.

Ballet 1
Mondays & Fridays, 2:15-3:10, Dance Studio
The student is introduced to movement without the over-emphasis on the difficulties of ballet training.  In this level, the student would only learn the basic positions and exercises, and elementary steps.  Without the students realizing it, this work gives them physical coordination and an effort for concentration different to that required in school studies. The promotion to the next level would be determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student's movement coordination achieved through a certain level of concentration and discipline.

Ballet 2
Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:15-3:10, Dance Studio
This is where Ballet training starts.  The emphasis on stance/posture and turn-out are already implemented.  Stance means that the student should stand up straight with the head erect, spine vertical and shoulders down.  Turn is the facing out of the knees and feet of the dancer. 

The exercises in this level aim to gradually develop strength in the muscles. The promotion to the next level would be determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student’s ability in stance and turn-out.  The strength developed by the student in this level will be crucial for the next progressive stage of training. For Grade 2-4 only.

Ballet 3
Mondays & Fridays, 3:15-4:15, Dance Studio
The students are taught basic steps such as plié in first and second position of the feet; proper placement of arms in first, second, third and fifth; tendus front, side and back; relevés and sautés in first and second, and waltz steps. Russian first port de bras exercises are given to the students for proper usage of the arms and head.

The student is expected to show good posture and should be able to understand and execute some of the simple vocabularies thru verbal instruction of the teacher. The steps are given with the accompaniment of music, the student should be able to do the steps musically.

In preparation for the next level, the student is also taught steps that start in third position of the feet.  In this level, The student is expected to show good posture and should be able to memorize simple combinations.

Part of the class is devoted to floor work, this is for developing flexibility and awareness of how each body part function. The promotion to the next level would be determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student’s movement coordination achieved through a certain level of concentration and discipline. For Grade 3-4 only.

Ballet 4
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:15-4:15, Dance Studio
Starts with barre exercises. If the student is strong enough, exercises are done with one hand on the barrePliés, tendus and jetés are already done from first, second, and fifth positions of the feet. The coordination of head, arms, body and legs are of importance. Rond de jambe, and adage exercises with extensions are also given to the students. Essentially, a complete barre is given. Strengthening of the legs in preparation for more complicated center work is the goal for the combinations given in the barre.  
Proper posture is expected during all the exercises. By this time, the student should be able to grasp the vocabulary in ballet thru verbal instruction from the teacher. For Grade 3-4 only.

Boys: White shirt, cycling shorts/black tights
Girls: Pink tights, leotard, ballet shoes (soft), hair in a ponytail or in a bun

Fee: Php 2000

Tap is a dance-style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Students will develop an emphasis on rhythm and timing with relation to fundamental technique and awareness of Tap.

Beginner (Tap 1 & 2) Mon & Fri, 2:15-3:10, Dance Studio
Introduces basic foot movements, demonstrate fluidity of body movements simple steps and routines.

Intermediate (Tap 3) Tue & Thu, 2:15-3:10, Dance Studio
This class is for students with basic skills.  Includes time steps, coordination skills and more complex footwork, combinations and routines.

Advanced (Tap 4 / 5 & 6)
Tue & Thu, 3:15-4:00 / 3:15-4:15 , Dance Studio (Tap 4)
Mon & Fri, 3:15-4:15 / 3:15-4:00 , Dance Studio (Tap 5)
Mon & Fri, 3:15-4:45 / 3:15-4:00 , Dance Studio (Tap 6)
This class introduces demonstrates advanced time steps, more difficult footwork, combinations and routines.

Open to Grade 2-4 students, Wednesdays, 2:15-3:10pm, Dance Studio, Fee: Php 2000

This class aims to offer students the opportunity to be physically fit, while learning street dancing steps and routines that are appropriate for the given age group. They will also be given the chance to explore movement and rhythm as they are asked to create and come up with their own dance steps and sequences during some sessions. The students will also be taught proper stretching and cooling down techniques. Emphasis on musicality and movement following beats and rhythm will also be emphasized.

Wednesdays, 2:15-3:10pm, Dance Studio, Fee: 2000

BOLLYWOOD Dance is the most popular dance form in India today. It is used in Indian movies. It consists of numerous styles - Indian Folk, Classical Indian, hip hop, belly dance, latin and jazz.  It is a very graceful dance combined with intricate footwork and hand movements thus, improving body and mind coordination. Limited to 15 students for Grade 2-4. 


Mondays & Fridays / Tuesdays & Thursdays, Aikido Area

Aikido is a peaceful, non-competitive form of martial art that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age and gender, as an effective method for self-defense. Its key principle is based on harmonization with the energy of the opponent and execution of techniques to neutralize an attack. Developed on the concept of non-aggression, the philosophy of Aikido is summarized in the famous literary work “The Art of Peace” by its Japanese founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Aside from self-defense, Aikido offers many additional benefits particularly for Elementary School children. Aside from self-defense, Aikido

offers many additional benefits particularly for Elementary School children. Among these are falling skills, flexibility exercises, and centering activities. Those between 8 and 12 years old always like to run and play around; with Aikido they will be  able to develop instinctive skills to take unexpected falls safely thereby minimizing physical injuries.

Mondays & Fridays / Tuesdays & Thursdays, Martial Arts Area

Master the ancient Japanese martial art of Judo.  It develops discipline and strength.  Students will learn the skills of balancing, falling, rolling, grappling and sparring.  

· Students will learn the Break Fall (Ukemi) and Judo Roll
· Students will learn at least 2-3 techniques (e.g. 1 throw like a O-Soto Gari (Outer-Reaping Leg Throw).
· Students will learn the back to back fight or ground techniques
· Students must be able to perform Break fall (Ukemi) & Judo Roll
· Students will learn at least 4-5 throws (e.g. O-Soto Gari, Hip Throw, Neck Throw, One-Arm Shoulder Throw & Body Drop)
· Students will learn the  Randori (a free fight within the rules of Judo)
· Students will learn to use different offense and defense techniques

Mondays & Fridays / Tuesdays & Thursdays, Martial Arts Area

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art compose of three Korean words.  Tae - to kick or smash with the feet; Kwon - to punch or smash with the hands; Do - the art, method or way.
The head coach will decide if the student is ready for taking promotion tests.  The tests are held in the Central Gymnasium and Amoranto Stadium during the last Sunday or 1st Sunday of the month.  Minimum attendance of at least 12 consecutive meetings prior to every test is required. Students may retake the promotion test after 2 months as per Association requirement.
Beginners or white belts are not required to spar.  Sparring begins in the yellow belt division.  Uniform may be ordered through the coach.


Mondays & Fridays / Tuesdays & Thursdays, Pool

Absolute Beginner
This is for those students who have zero swimming skills.  They will learn how to become comfortable in the water, blow bubbles, kick, float, dog paddle, and basic  front crawl or freestyle.

This is for the students who know how to do the basic front crawl.  They will learn how to swim freestyle more efficiently, basic backstroke, dives and can be eventually promoted to the Sailfish Swim Team.

Tue & Thu, Covered Court

An introduction to badminton, improving hand eye coordination. Children will learn the basic shots, serve, forehand and backhand drive, overhead pass, smash and drop shots. For Grade 2-4 only.


Grade 1-2 Wednesdays, ES Gym
Fundamentals of basketball will be introduced to students.  Students will learn simple drills for stamina and agility together with controlled dribbling and shooting.  In the middle of the semester 30 minutes or so will be dedicated to scrimmages.  The rules of the game will be introduced during actual play. 

Grade 3-4 Tuesdays & Thursdays, ES Gym
Students will learn more difficult basketball skills.  Passing and lay-ups techniques will be introduced.  Discipline and speed are the main focus in this division.  The last 30 minutes of the session will be dedicated to scrimmages.  Officiating is stricter during the games.

(Beginners) Mondays & Fridays / (Advanced) Tuesdays & Thursdays, ES Canteen

Beginner students will focus on the Basic Rules like touch move, castling, pawn promotion, and opening principles. Students will also have exercises in checkmates and tactical patterns with algebraic notation. Before the semester ends, skill test will be given through a tournament.

Students will learn advance tactics and strategies and solve more challenging chess problems and learn principles in greater depth. They will study opening systems for both white and black pieces with the observable application of opening principles. Exercises in Pawn, Rook, and Queen will be included aside from the tournament which happens at the end of every semester. Limited to 24 students.

Wednesdays & Fridays, Covered Court

Ever wanted to run away with the circus? Now is your chance to learn some skills seen in the circus including: juggling, clowning, unicycles, Chinese YoYos and basic tumbling routines. This is about having fun and learning some new skills. No previous experience needed. We will teach you all you need to know. Patience and persistence are essential! Open to students from Grade 2 to 4.

Wednesdays, Covered Court

Students will have the opportunity to try out different racquet sports including tennis, badminton and table tennis. A wide variety of equipment will be used such as balloons and rotor tennis sets, all these to help develop hand eye coordination and a strong base to start progressing to the different strokes and competitive shots.

Mondays & Fridays, ES Gym, Grade 2-4 (starting on January 18, 2016)

We have the exciting opportunity for Coach Cha to take on this session with ES Girls. Coach Cha is on the Philippine National Team and has had huge success with the MS Girls Volleyball team. 
This session will be an introduction into volleyball, beginning in small game situations and progressing to full games. Athletes will learn the basic serve, dig, volley and set shots progressing to attacking and defensive plays.  

Mondays & Fridays / Tuesdays & Thursdays, MS Gym

Our gymnastics program challenges students to master tactics involving strength, rhythm, balance & flexibility.  It’s our goal to provide a comprehensive gymnastics program for ISM students from Beginners to Advanced level.

þ PE or comfortable play clothes, NO JEANS
þ Rubber Shoes/runners; NO CROCS/FLIP FLOPS

Gr 1-2, Tuesdays & Thursdays / Gr 3-4 Wednesdays
Soccer for Girls, Gr 1-4 Tuesdays & Thursdays, ES Field

Learn to play soccer, girls and boys!  There will also be opportunities for interscholastic competitive games if we are invited to football festivals later in the school year.  Begin with learning skills and team work.

Grades 1 & 2 - 10 boys and 10 girls / Grades 3 & 4 - 12 boys and 12 girls(if specific gender quotas are not met, additional boys/girls will be admitted up to a maximum of 20/24 students)
ES Field (until March 21, 2016 only)

Grades 1 & 2
Drills and small games aimed at developing/demonstrating an awareness/understanding of 
- Passing and catching
- Basic positional play (spatial awareness)
- Onside and offside  
- Basic defence (beginning with tags/flags and moving towards tackle/contact)
- Introduction to the breakdown

The aim being that towards the end of the block that the students are able to be involved in a modified (age appropriate) scrimmage of tag/flag rugby

Grades 3 & 4
Drills and small games aimed at developing/demonstrating an awareness/understanding of 
- Passing and catching
- Basic positional play (spatial awareness/)
- Onside and offside
- Basic defence (contact/tackle)
- The breakdown (an introduction to rucking and mauling)
- Introduction to restarts/set pieces (i.e. 3 man scrum/lineout without lifting/kicking)

The aim being that towards the end of the block that students are able to successfully scrimmage in modified (age appropriate) seven-a-side contact rugby 

Equipment required: PE kit (PE shirt and shorts), mouth guard/gum shield (no mouth guard = no contact), football boots are optional (no metal cleats/metal capped cleats)

Mondays & Fridays / Tuesdays & Thursdays, Table Tennis Area

In this program students will develop visual tracking, eye-foot and body coordination. Through games, kids will learn how to use skills and direct the ball towards a target area and accomplish assigned challenges.

Training Activities:
· Explanation of the game
Þ Guides of the game
Þ Rules clinic
· Get a Grip
Þ Orthodox or shake hand grip
Þ Chinese or pen hold grip
Þ Danny Seemiller Grip
· Basic strokes
Þ Backhand controlled drive
Þ Forehand controlled drive
Þ Forehand push Stroke
Þ Backhand push Stroke
· Basic Good Service
Þ Forehand Service
Þ Backhand Service
· Multiple Balls Training
Þ Forehand Stroke
Þ Backhand Stroke
Þ Forehand and Backhand Stroke
Þ Random Drills
Þ Forehand and Backhand topspin for beginners
· AFAC MINI TOURNAMENT (at the end of semester)

Mondays / Tuesdays / Thursdays / Fridays, MS Gym

Experience climbing our school’s safe and challenging wall! Our program is designed to develop the attitude, confidence, discipline, perseverance, coordination and physical fitness of the students.  ISM’s climbers are one of the most respected competitors in the country.  It is our mission to train our students to be more competitive not only locally but internationally as well. Limited to 24 students per class.

þ PE or comfortable play clothes, NO JEANS
þ Rubber Shoes/runners; NO CROCS/FLIP FLOPS

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Tennis Court, Fee: Php 5000

The ES Bearcats tennis academy program is a semester based program and have a limit on numbers to ensure quality coaching with a focus on age/skill appropriate tennis skills/drills. Registration for Semester two program will be done in early December. You must re-register for Semester 2 if you wish to continue tennis for the entire year.

Participants may avail of up to 4 sessions per week for the semester based fee. Please note, you must nominate the daily sessions you will attend in order for coaches to plan lessons and for them to know which sessions students will attend.

Tennis Beginners (Limited to 16 students for Grade 1 to 4) Students will develop a range of basic tennis skills through fun skill based sessions that incorporate all aspects of fundamental tennis skills (ground strokes/serving, etc. and modified small games) 

Tennis Intermediate / Advanced (Limited to 24 students for Grades 1 to 4) Students will be placed in this group if they have the basic fundamentals of the game and can rally consistently with a partner and show good form with ground strokes, serving and volleying techniques. Coaches will focus on higher level extension tennis skills and drills to enhance skill development in all aspects of the game and match play tactics/strategy.

þ PE or tennis clothes,
þ Tennis Shoes/runners; Tennis Racquet, water bottle 


Mondays & Fridays, 2:15-3:10pm

This program is for students who have little or no Spanish speaking skills.  It will focus on conversational skills in a variety of social situations, and on increasing vocabulary in Spanish.  Limited to 15 students  from Grades 1 to 4.

Mondays & Fridays, 2:15-3:10pm

This course is for students from Grade 1 to Grade 4 who have little or no background in Chinese Mandarin, but has a strong interest to learn the language, heritage & culture. Here, the students are taught to read and write in simplified Chinese as well as to listen and speak Chinese Mandarin. Sometimes a little cooking, arts & crafts are introduced to make the learning fun & enjoyable. Limited to 15 students from Grades 1 to 4.


Wednesdays, 2:15-3:15pm

Bamboo Shoots is a compilation by students, of literary and art works  from around the classes, as well as reports on activities around the school. It comes out twice yearly. This year we plan to combine in the last edition the Alaala (the ES Yearbook) as well, but involve students in its development and lay out. Limited to 15 students from Grade 3 to 4.

Mondays, 2:15-3:15pm, Garden

Experience the beauty of our Community Garden!

Community Gardeners Connect welcomes anyone who loves nature or who wants to work together to keep our earth clean and beautiful. This is an opportunity for students who were involved in building the community garden last year, to work together with new students who would like to get their hands dirty at the garden! In the first few weeks, we will be harvesting, transplanting and then extending the garden.

Over the course of the year, students will design solutions for problems that they identify in our community garden and local environment. Students will use a range of media to express and communicate their ideas. Using a range of technology, information will be shared with the whole school community on a blog.

Our aim is to ensure that our community garden is taken care of and continues to grow by encouraging more students to be involved. Limited to 20 students from Grade 2 to 4.

Mondays & Fridays, 2:15-3:15pm

Do you like working with computers and creating amazing things with technology? Join us as we explore digital design using programs like Powerpoint, Pages, Prezi, iMovie, Publisher, and Comic Life, among others! We will also look into some tips & tricks in design that will help make your digital work stand out. Get ready to color the digital world!
Limited to 20 students for Grades 3-4.

Wednesdays, 2:15-3:15pm, Room 2126, Fee: Php 1500

Little Einstein offers hands-on Science projects and activities for children to cultivate their interests in learning science using interesting materials and simple scientific tools. Limited to 24 students from Grades 2 to 4.

Sample activities include:
Motion: simple rocket, balloon car
Pressure: bubbly bottles, diver in bottle
Light: color wheel, spiral illusion, etc.

Mondays / Fridays, 2:15-3:15pm, Room 2123, Fee: Php 1500

In Minecraft club, students will explore Minecraft worlds safely and responsibly alongside their classmates. Limited to 20 students per class for Grades 3 to 4.

Tuesdays / Thursdays, 2:15-3:15pm, Room 2123, Fee: Php 1500

During Robots and Programming, children will have a chance to explore digital animation, programming and robotics. Limited to 12 students per class for Grades 3-4.

Wednesdays, 2:15-3:15pm

An introduction to Yoga. Helping improve posture, writing muscles while preparing to sit comfortably, enhance motor skills and balance. it can improve mind/body awareness and connection, improve confidence and self-esteem and gain understanding of, and ability to integrate wellness concepts such as healthy eating, positive thinking and having gratitude, which ultimately support health of the whole child. Limited to 15 students for Grade 1-4.